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One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop One Stop Sleep Shop
One Stop Sleep Shop

One Stop Sleep Shop

Fact #1: Family Owned Business Since 1964
We are a family owned and operated business since 1964, in Coram since 1973. We care about our customers. We care more about satisfying the customers needs rather than just making the sale. Customer service is a priority, we go above and beyond to keep our customers happy. What we hear all the time is that in the big chain stores, once the sale is made, they don't want to talk to you anymore. We love that because we are the total opposite. Below is a paragraph about retailing that I've SAVED, practiced and still believe in after 36 years.

The Forgotten Secrets of Retailing

The merchant’s purpose for having a retail store was simple. First was to earn money for his family, and second to provide a service to the community. Courtesy, smiles, and promptness were the rule, not the exception.

All the books and guides on marketing, managing, advertising, and salesmanship are completely wasted on those that do not subscribe to the basic rules of retailing. I’ve asked myself what basic idea has been lost that makes retailing so different today from what it was fifty to one hundred years ago. First we must describe what it was like years ago. When people needed an item or service they went to the local neighborhood store and talked to the owner or possibly a family member. Pleasantries were exchanged about the family and social events and then you described your predicament or situation. You were then shown the products that would fit your needs, a price was agreed upon, and the merchandise was delivered to your wagon. All of this was done with the courtesy and respect you were entitled to. After a hearty handshake and an invitation to dinner, you would be on your way. Of course this whole exchange would be witnessed by junior and stored in his or her memory to be improved upon and put to use in later years.

Fact #2: We Package our Products so everything is included
What makes us different than the competition is how we package our products. We have many bedding sets that come complete with the mattress, foundation, steel bed frame, top flat sheet, fitted bottom sheet, quilted mattress pad, pillows and pillow cases.

Most futons come complete with the futon frame, futon mattress, futon cover, throw pillows, bolsters and mattress gripper. We make it easy for the customer to buy from us, they don't need to run all over to dress their bed ...hence the name One Stop Sleep Shop.

Fact #3: Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our customers should know that when they come here, they’ll receive expert “diagnostic” advice. We know our product. We know the nuts and bolts of mattress making, having been in the industry so long we have the advantage of seeing how beds were made yesterday and how they are made today. We know what works and we’ll take the time to explain it in common sense terms. We look to satisfy your needs, which in turn earns us the right to make a sale.

Fact #4: Expert “diagnostic” advice
Sometimes mattresses fail and you will need service. We don’t make it impossible, in fact we make it too easy. Don’t have your receipt?...we do. If it’s over the stated time limit of your warranty, as long as its not unreasonable and you have a legitimate complaint, we’re going to service it. And guess who comes to inspect your mattress, the owner of One Stop Sleep Shop. That’s because it’s important to know everything that’s happening to the product were selling so we can react accordingly. Break a part on your futon…as long as the part is available, we’ll get it for you; most times at little or no cost no matter how old it is.

Fact #5: The personal service you deserve
If, for some reason a person is NOT satisfied with a Purchase from One Stop, we will make it right, the customer is never stuck with a wrong purchase. More important, very rarely is the customer dissatisfied. That is because we take the time to hear what the customer wants and will never push them into a purchase just because it’s the sale we want to make. We would rather not make the sale. We see the person walking through our door as a long term client, not as a sales commission.

Fact #6: Never any “bait and switch”
If we advertise it, we sell it, and probably have it in stock. There’s no “bait and switch” at One Stop. Will we try to show you something better? Of course; it’s to our benefit to offer you better products and educate you along the way, but it’s always your decision as to what to buy. And there are no hidden charges or surprises at One Stop; what you see is what you get.



One Stop Sleep Shop
432 Route 25
Coram, NY 11727
Phone: (631) 732-2525
Fax: (631) 732-2696

Open 7 days. Monday through Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5

We are Seasoned Bedding Experts:
We have been selling sleep products for nearly half a century. We take great pride in our knowledge and professionalism.
In stock inventory delivered when you want it! Set up is always included on all items purchased.

Trailer-load Purchasing:
We purchase our mattresses by the trailer load to assure you the lowest prices possible.

Bedding Removal:
Don't know what to do with your old bedding? Let us arrange to have your old bedding removed.

We carry many major brands to give you the best selection on Long Island.

Price Guarantee:
Competitive prices in a low-pressure environment.

We accept Personal Checks, Cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express and Debit Cards. For your convenience we also offer a no charge layaway plan.